Solarlux glass canopies from Spacekube, Scotland’s glass structure specialists

A Solarlux glass canopy from Spacekube, Scotland's glass structure specialists, brings you the freedom of the outdoors with the flexibility to adapt it to a partially, or fully, enclosed glass garden room or wintergarden to meet your changing needs.

Why choose Spacekube to design and install your Solarlux glass extension?

Spacekube is a division of Ekco, a Scottish home solutions company which has been designing and installing precision-built German kitchens, doors and windows for over 20 years.

Benefits at a glance

Wind and rain - no problem!

Create outdoor living spaces

Shading, heating, lighting

Acts as a heat buffer

Your choice

Protection all year round


Scotland’s exclusive collection of luxury glass extensions

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Cero Sliding Doors

Expansive, impressive Cero Sliding Doors

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Glass Extensions

The living space you've always dreamed of

Create a bespoke additional living space for your home all year round with a beautiful Spacekube Wintergarden.
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