SDL Alerio

Strength and lightness

The Spacekube Alerio's aluminium profiles create an elegant structure with timeless appeal. The design is modern but its appearance is delicate enough to complement any style of property.
Why SDL Alerio

Deceptively simple

Add fixed or moveable glazed side panels to your Spacekube Alerio glass canopy to create a weather-resistant Glass Room that allows you to enjoy your patio, veranda or garden for longer. Perfect for viewing the changing seasons. The Spacekube SDL Alerio's aluminium frame and glass canopy offer strength and durability with a light and transparent aesthetic.
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Deceptively simple

SDL Alerio Features

Key Features

Can be attached to your property or a stand-alone structure

Roof pitch of 5 to 20 degrees

Single glazed laminated safety glass in a range of thicknesses

Wide range of profiles to suit most property sizes and structural requirements

Pre-fabricated glass canopy to enable efficient installation

Combine with fixed or moveable glazed side panels SL20e, Proline T, Proline T Mega and SL45 to create an enclosed Glass Room

Additional lighting, shading and heating options include built-in LED roof beam spotlights, under-roof or on-roof awning, side panel shading, and infrared radiant heater


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