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Spacekube glass extensions and canopies, the perfect solution for the UK hospitality industry

The UK is renowned the world over for its hospitality industry with excellent bars, restaurants and hotels welcoming millions of visitors each year. Visitor spending now exceeds pre-pandemic levels as tourists look for a better-quality experience than ever before. But is your hospitality venue prepared? Do you need to expand your available outdoor space with a high-quality flexible options to meet your growing needs yet don't cost the Earth?Welcome to Spacekube, specialists in supplying and installing Solarlux glass canopies, extensions and wintergardens to the UK hospitality industry.
Option 1 - Solarlux glass canopies

Solarlux glass canopies from Spacekube

Solarlux flexible glass canopies are the first step towards a fully enclosed glass extension. A glass canopy will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space during summer with the flexibility to upgrade to a fully enclosed glass extension in the future by adding bi-fold or sliding doors.

Option 2 - Solarlux Glass Extensions

More space for more customers…no matter the weather!

Making the most of your outdoor space can be a challenge when faced with our changeable weather. However, by investing in a Spacekube glass extension, you can accommodate more customers, without worrying about the rain.

Option 3 - Solarlux wintergarden

The Solarlux wintergarden…the ultimate glass extension

The Solarlux wintergarden from Spacekube takes your glass extension to the ultimate level. Our thermally insulated roof structure, double or triple-glazed bi-fold doors, sliding doors or fixed panels means you can create outdoor space for more customers all year round without the need for an internal door between your existing premises and new, fully enclosed glass house.

Vertical shading, under or on roof shading options

Gutter drainage or concealed drainage options

Suitable for the installation of glass panels

Slim sightlines, internal structural members


Here are just some of the benefits to choosing the Solarlux Wintergarden glass house from Spacekube

  • Conservatory, Orangery or Solarlux Wintergarden? – Conservatories and orangeries have more brickwork and varying proportions of glass. On the other hand, the Solarlux Wintergarden is built mostly of glass with a durable aluminium frame to add a discreet contrast.
  • Minimal profiles – The sleek aluminium frame, in a choice of colours, is strong and durable while the toughened glass panels, built to survive even the most severe European winters, are certified to the highest standards.
  • Designed around your business – Choose from one or more glass walls depending on your available space. You can also site it in another section of your outside space if you prefer, with four glass walls – a truly unique commercial glass house.
  • Flat roof…almost! – The glass roof somewhere your customers or hotel guests can relax and unwind. From a Friday night meal or a weekend getaway to a big birthday celebration, hotels, bars and restaurants are where many people create their most precious memories. So it’s understandable that hospitality business owners want to make the most of the space they’ve got, and a glass box extension or canopy is one of the most beneficial and appealing ways to do just that. Investing in a glass extension for your hotel, restaurants or bar will allow you to provide an internal entertainment space, with all the benefits of the outdoors, while also making the most of the natural light. Plus, if your venue is located in a scenic spot, a glass box extension can also help you make the most of your stunning surroundings with natural views benefitting from frameless or minimally framed glazing. The number one priority for any hospitality venue is to make sure their guests enjoy their stay, whether it’s for a quick drink or for a week-long holiday. In order to achieve this, it’s important to utilise your space to its full potential. An outdoor glass extension brings an unrivalled sense of luxury to your premises, adding a contemporary touch and offering a breath taking spot for dining, relaxing or entertainment.

Glass Canopies for Restaurants

A glass canopy is another way to bring luxury and modernity to your hospitality venue. Canopies for restaurants provide a chic aesthetic touch to your establishment, with unique metal and glass options available to suit a range of styles and tastes.

Canopies for restaurants can naturally fit into any environment, enhancing the space you have available and providing a more sophisticated feel to your dining establishment. Like a glass box extension, a canopy can help you make the most of your natural light, creating a brighter, lighter and more welcoming environment for your diners. Enjoy all the benefits of indoor and outdoor dining combined, alongside structurally sound designs that stand out and stand the test of time.

Glass extension for hotels

People visit hotels in order to enjoy a change of scenery and a taste of luxury, and a glass extension can help your venue offer both of these factors in spades.

Aluminium systems are both sleek and strong, and the wide range of colour options available on our site means that you can personalise your extension to suit your specific tastes and design preferences. No matter what shade you choose, top surface quality is guaranteed.

Every glass extension for hotels available from SpaceKube is custom built to suit your needs, using high quality sustainable materials. This is an effective and dynamic way to add useable space to your venue that will keep guests returning again and again.

Choosing the right outdoor glass extension

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the right outdoor glass extension for your hospitality venue. From size and structure to materials, design and cosmetic options like colour, you’ll want to ensure that you get the very best from your glass extension investment. That’s why our team are on hand to help you through the entire process.

When you team up with Spacekube for your glass box extension or canopy, you’ll receive an initial consultation followed by a site survey and a specification and cost presentation. Once everything has been agreed by yourself, the construction, delivery and installation process will take place swiftly, followed by post completion aftercare. We are with you every step of the way to make sure you select the best glass extension for your needs.

Commercial glass extensions from Spacekube

If you’re looking for a glass extension for hotels or a glass extension for restaurants and bars, you are in the right place. Get in touch with the team at Spacekube today for a free consultation and quote. We will talk you through the process and help you settle on the best glass extension option for your needs, so you can make an informed decision that benefits your hospitality venue in the long run.


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