cero I

Aesthetic perfection, panoramic views

Spacekube Cero I sliding doors are a triumph of glazing technology, presenting an awe-inspiring design that creates an opulence of space and light.
why cero I

Ease of movement

The glass elements of the Spacekube Cero I sliding door glide smoothly along the track thanks to state-of-the-art technology on the stainless steel carriages and rails. Even load distribution is guaranteed through the built-in stainless steel rollers.
cero I features

Key Features

Glass panels up to 4 m high and 3 m wide with 34mm sightlines

98% glass, single glazed, not insulated

Tested and certified to the highest security standards

Unique Solarlux-designed locking system

Range of accessoriesCombine sliding, fixed and corner elements for countless design options

Flush frames & limitless colour options


Scotland’s exclusive collection of luxury glass structures