SDL Avantgarde

See your space in a new light

The SDL Avantgarde Wintergarden from Spacekube is custom made using a high-quality sustainable spruce combined with durable aluminium.
Why SDL Avantgarde

The natural choice

The warmth of the wood on the inside of the frame adds a cosy feel, while the aluminium exterior offers durability and ease of maintenance. The only alu-clad Wintergarden in the Spacekube range, the Avantgarde is in a class of its own.
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Deceptively simple

SDL Avantgarde Features

Key Features

Wood and aluminium

Roof pitches of 5-45 degrees available

Choice of wood and aluminium colours

Materials optimised for low U-values to give excellent thermal properties

Monopitch and pitched roof

Double or triple glazed


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