SDL Akzent Plus

See your space in a new light

The Spacekube Akzent Plus uses sophisticated technology that allows it to accommodate large panes of glass, flooding your living space with light. The filigree rafters and slim sightlines of the Spacekube Akzent Plus roof system give it an elegance that’s simply outstanding.
Why SDL Akzent Plus

Consistently superior

The consistency of quality that runs through all Solarlux products comes from the expertise and experience behind it. All products are custom-made at a single site in Germany, combining cutting-edge technology with the knowledge of the master craftsman.
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Deceptively simple

Akzent Plus Features

Key Features


Roof pitches of 5-45 degrees available

Slender sightlines

Materials optimised for low U-values to give excellent thermal properties

Wide range of combination options

Monopitch and pitched roof

Double or triple glazed


Scotland’s exclusive collection of luxury glass structures