cero III

Where precision engineering meets art

The Solarlux cero III from Spacekube is where precision engineering meets art.  With slim-line frames concealed within the floor and glass panes available in sizes of up to 15m2 the cero III provides a sliding window to your world which will, quite simply, take your breath away.
why cero III

Effortless movement

Despite its potential size, the Solarlux Cero III sliding door from Spacekube is easy to operate and glides along the track smoothly and seamlessly. This is thanks to its award-winning design and the cutting-edge technology of its stainless steel carriages, rails and rollers.
cero III features

Key Features

Glass panels up to 6 m high and 4 m wide with 34mm sightlines

98% glass, Triple glazed

Excellent thermal insulation: Very low U-values (Uw > 0.8 W/m²K)

Complies with Passivhaus regulations (under 0.89 W/m²K)

Unique Solarlux-designed locking system


Contact Spacekube, to find out more about Scotland's exclusive collection of Solarlux cero sliding doors.